From We The People by Gaylon Kent:

 Another aspect of America life that is well off its tracks is our income tax code. Currently, it is over nine million words long and is so confusing the IRS gives out wrong information 25 percent of the time (Source: The Flat Tax Revolution by Steve Forbes). It is so confusing that individuals and businesses spend over $400 billion just to comply with their tax obligations. That is $400 billion drained from the American economy, money that is not being saved, invested or spent.
   This is insane. We are entitled to an income tax return that can be filled out on a single sheet of paper and an experience that doesn’t cause us to pull our hair out.
   We are entitled to a government that does not take too much of our money.
   A flat tax would provide us will all these things. A flat tax of five, and certainly no more than ten, percent would ensure the government is not taking too much of our money, would provide for an income tax return that was a single sheet of paper and would make April 15 a less annoying and frustrating day than it is now.
   The business of America is business so let’s eliminate the corporate income tax. I’ll be honest, I didn’t always favor this. I used to think it was reasonable for businesses to pay a little something for the opportunity to make a fortune in this country, but on the campaign trail some years back a business owner pointed out that taxes were nothing more than an expense they passed on to us consumers. That made sense, so I changed my position: there is no reason to saddle us consumers with what is essentially another tax on us.

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