Friends, here is today’s excerpt from We The People.  Click here to read more and to buy the ebook for $4.99

“As long as we insist on creating misery for other nations, other nations will continue to create misery for us. They will behead our citizens and fly airplanes into our buildings.

We will not have a peaceful world without a peaceful America.

History is a relentless instructor. More than anything it has taught us that American meddling does not work. From Korea to Vietnam to the Middle East all we do is wreak havoc, pain and destruction while solving nothing. It is a lesson history offers us every time but one we refuse to heed. If America had been at peace every day since 1989 we would have a vastly different world:  9/11 would not have occurred and ISIS would not exist. It’s all our fault.

War is not working. Anyone who tells you that drone strikes and other violence will produce peace is either deluding themselves, trying to delude you or, as likely as not, both. It is beyond comprehension that an America that continues to meddle violently in other nations will ever produce a peaceful world.

America must allow other nations the dignity of conducting their affairs without US interference.”  

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