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The results weren’t what we were looking for Tuesday, but that happens sometimes. I’d like to thank all of you for your support, either a contribution or a vote or both. It was a privilege to earn the support of participating and demanding citizens like you,


There is still time to register as a Libertarian

Friends, if I’ve earned your vote and you are not currently a Libertarian, it’s not too late to get on board. On Monday or Tuesday go to your county polling place and say you would like to become a Libertarian and vote in their primary. It’s that easy.

We The People: Making America America Again

Friends, my book We The People: Making America America Again is available in an all-new easy to navigate format. It’s a non-partisan, entertaining look at a variety of issues America faces right now.

Click here to start reading. The Introduction and Chapters 1 and 2 are with my compliments and the ebook costs $4.99



Friends, I don’t like the influence of money in politics any more than you do, but the fact remains we are not going to win financed by my debit card. The campaign needs your money.

Our country is calling, friends, and there will be an unprecedented opportunity to make some noise on Election Day so, please, click here to contribute.

We The People

We The People is a practical, non-partisan, entertaining look at solutions to America’s problems. Click here to read a preview. It’s mercifully short, an ebook that can be read in one sitting.

Gaylon on the Issues


The only dividend war provides is more war.

We are entitled to see the America and the world produced by an America at peace.

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The Second Amendment

I support the Second Amendment without qualification or restriction.

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The Death Penalty

America has executed innocent people. We deserve better than that.

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The Drug War

All the drug war does is ruin more lives than legalizing them would.

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Low Taxes, Free Markets

A flat tax of no more than 10% on incomes will give us more money to spend and a 0% corporate tax will give businesses more money to meet our growing demands.

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Our Violent Government

A violent American government is responsible for violent American citizens and our violent world.

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I favor letting those currently here illegally stay. Give them a work card and let them build a life. They are not entitled to citizenship, however.

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Stop Convicting The Innocent

Innocent people are being exonerated everywhere from county jails to death row. Let’s make sure they don’t get there in the first place.

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Doctors and health insurers must be returned to the free market. Doing this means they will have a financial interest in pleasing you. Neither has that right now. Doctors competing for your business will result in lower prices and greater innovation.


The government must stay out of the abortion debate.

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Plain Talk w/Gaylon Kent

Calling an orange an orange: American leadership is incompetent.

America has blood on her hands.

Let’s make a difference on Election Day.

America could use some leadership right now.

Friends, our country is calling. Let’s go!

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