YEAH, THIS IS A BULLETIN: President Trump’s impeachment hearings will continue this week. It should be a solemn occasion but, like with most things associated with Trump, he has turned it into a sideshow, with his usual smorgasbord of rants and insults. He does not appear to have any sense of the magnitude of these proceedings, appropriate because he has yet to show any appreciation for the history or the magnitude of the office we’ve always thought he never really wanted in the first place. Running for president was merely another way to draw attention to himself, Trump’s only real concern. 

Dry Technical Matter: The first two days of testimony were a mixed bag. Day 1 produced substantive testimony that could well result in articles of impeachment. Day 2 did not. It mere showed Trump to petty, vindictive and manipulative, but that’s hardly news. We’ve known that for decades. 

Back On Message: Trump is so ignorant of anything that is not right off the top of his head it’s doubtful he could name the other four presidents who’ve had impeachment hearings held against them (Buchanan, Johnson, Nixon and Clinton).  He’s a man, after all, who believes the moon is part of Mars, so his answers could run the gamut from Elvis to Herschel Walker to Charlie Brown.

Write This Down: With his standard attacks, lies, insults and ridicule Trump is making a mockery of our presidency, insulting every single one of us and we are taking it. We’re not saying enough, we’re not protesting a man who admits to grabbing women by the pussy, whose Trump University was a boiler room scam and who believes the Continental Army’s securing of British airports helped win the Revolution. 

We’re not saying we deserve better. 

We’re getting blather when we should be demanding civility and decorum. We’re getting second-rate, fractured, bickering government that should shame every single one of us but we’re choosing to tolerate it. 

USA! USA! Paced by the lapdogs in the media who escorted him into the White House in the first place, Trump is the new normal. Lies and insults are par for the course now, as is the shooting of our children in their schools. We’re taking all of it. 

Get Your Official Daily Dose Policy Right Here: The 2020 elections will provide another opportunity for America to herald to itself and to the world whether we will retain a status quo that will eventually destroy our country – probably before this half-century is out – or whether we are going to dismiss the status quo and demand better.

We deserve better than the government we have now, but nobody is going to give it to us. We must demand it on Election Day. 

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