Friends, hi, Gaylon Kent again – the peace candidate and Libertarian for Congrees from Colorado’s 2nd District. 

The above picture – not too bad a one of yours truly, frankly – was taken on February 20th, when we had the privilege of attending a rally supporting Julian Assange, the Australian activist and WikiLeaks founder currently imprisoned in England and fighting extradition to the US. Our feeling is Mr Assange was merely a reporter doing his work and has no more business being prisoned than you or I do.

We also said a few words. We talked about courage, noting there was great courage and everyday courage and that both are the product of nature and circumstance. Julian Assange had great courage in him and took advantage of the opportunity to show it, to our benefit but, unfortunately, not to his. 

We told the rallyers that it took courage to show up and support him, that it takes courage to step away from the herd and decline to fit into the slots others assign us. 

So let’s continue to show some courage. Bring someone to the next rally you go to. Run for office. Vote on Election Day. Support Gaylon For Congress. Courage is like water: a drop turns into a stream, a stream turns into a river, and a river turns into a torrent. So will we if we continue to show courage every day.

Thank you for reading,

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