One of the more interesting elements of the end of the second decade of the 21st-century is the continued existence of the Republican Party. Founded in 1854 in Wisconsin by citizens opposed to the Kansas-Nebraska Act, their first elected president was Abraham Lincoln in 1860. They are still around, we suppose, out of habit, because they no longer have anything to offer our country. All they’ve got for us right now is blather and bluster, lies and deceit, catering to the fears of white America. Somewhere Richard Nixon is smiling broadly.

The Republicans have not produced a decent elected president since Eisenhower, who left office almost six decades ago. The GOP litany of presidential failure is long:

Nixon was a crook. Reagan presided over a scandal-ridden administration and was the most managed president in history, a precedent we have yet to recover from. George Bush was gracious but was unable to earn a second term. George W Bush lied to get us into war. President Trump disdains protocol, manners, good sense. He believes Colorado borders Mexico, that the moon is part of Mars and that the Continental Army won the Revolution by securing British airports, fallacies most of us were disabused of in middle school if we ever believed them in the first place. His only real talent is drawing attention to himself.

(Gerald Ford, of course, wasn’t elected president. A good, decent man, he did well in his two-and-a-half years in the Oval Office under circumstances the Son of Man would have found challenging.)

The GOP should go away. Their recent stampede of a House impeachment hearing was childish and petulant, a witless act that merely showed blind followers defending an indefensible president. We thought that a Trump defeat in 2016 might spell the end of the GOP but there’s still hope: an impeachment, a Senate trial that tears the party apart regardless of its verdict, more mindless blather from our president, and it is not entirely unreasonable to foresee and America without the Republican Party.

Good riddance. The GOP would be doing us a favor by disappearing.

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