With America perpetually in an election cycle, term limits are never too far removed from public discussion. Several states have term limits on governors and legislators, and their governments are as screwed up as they’ve ever been. Federally, only the president of the United States is subject to term limits, two full terms, which was enacted after the country collectively soiled their drawers after FDR was elected to four terms.

We don’t approve of term limits because they are merely a way of us voters passing off our responsibility as concerned citizens. The best form of term limits are regular elections and we have those here in America. Every two years the entire US House and roughly one-third of the US Senate are elected and every four years we elect a president.

Friends, if we don’t like our government we only have to look in the mirror to find the culprit: we elected everyone there. We can’t blame incumbents or lobbyists or the media because none of them filled out our ballot for us. We filled out our ballots and every two years we dutifully ship back to Washington the same people who got us in this mess in the first place.

You cannot argue with the following statement:

Neither major party will do anything good for our country.

If the status quo were going to do something, anything, good for our country they would have done so by now. You know it, I know it and you know what? – they know it too. Their only interest is in the continued consolidation of wealth and power. That’s it. They care about nothing else.

We deserve better than that. America cannot survive perpetual war and mindless debt with impunity: if we don’t do something soon America will collapse, perhaps before this half-century is out, tossed aside the scrap heap of history with the Roman Empire and the Soviet Union.

Let’s not wait until the last minute to act, let’s take action now. Election Day 2020 is on the horizon and the time has come for you and me – we the people – to show ourselves and the world that the status quo is not going to cut it anymore, that American voters are demanding better, that we want an America that once again means something to her citizens and the rest of the world.

You and me – we the people – are the very best form of term limits. The country we want starts with you and it starts with me and it starts on Election Day 2020.

Thank you for reading,

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