Gaylon was the Colorado Libertarian Party’s 2014 US Senate nominee and their US House nominee three times.


Friends, if you believe perpetual war is sustainable and will lead to prosperity, then go, scoot, don’t waste your time here. Vote for some other candidate, a Republican or a Democrat, and it doesn’t matter which one, either.

If, however, you believe that perpetual war will destroy this country, then welcome aboard. As usual, I am the only peace candidate around, and I deserve your support.

America has been at war every day since 1989 and most days since Pearl Harbor in 1941 and the results have been catastrophic: a violent world and violent American citizens. Not only that, Congress has not declared war since World War II, despite the Constitution reserving that privilege exclusively for them.

The truth is the only dividend war provides is more war; no nation has survived perpetual war, and America will not be the first. If we don’t do something, our country will collapse, perhaps before this half-century is out.

I don’t want this any more than you do. I want an America that is at peace and has a healthy long-term future, a country that works for anyone willing to put some effort into their life. We’re not going to get that by accepting the status quo, we are only going to get that by you and me – we the people – taking charge on Election Day.

We are the only change on the ballot.

Thank you for reading.



Our Violent Government
Our violent government is responsible for a violent world and a violent America.

Our Mass Shootings
We have violent citizens because, in part, we have a violent government. A peaceful America would lead to a peaceful world and a peaceful country.

Our Violent Entertainment
To think that violent movies, TV shows, and video games do not play a part in our violent country is folly.

The Flat Tax

The Minimum Wage
The government must not mandate wages. Besides, if you’re out of high school and the minimum wage is still a factor in your life, you should reevaluate your job skills.

The Drug War
The Drug War has failed in every respect. Decriminalizing drugs would end the violence associated with them.

The moral aspects of this issue are your lookout and no one else’s. The government must butt out of the abortion debate.

Health Care
Doctors and health insurers must be returned to the free market. They must be financially answerable to their patients and customers.

Term Limits
The best form of term limits are concerned citizens voting on Election Day.

Those in the country illegally are not entitled to citizenship. However, we couldn’t keep them out and we can’t send them back, so let’s make the legal and put them to work.

The Death Penalty
This nation has executed innocent people. This is reason enough to abolish the death penalty.




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