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Friends, I  believe we can win in November. If I  didn’t, I  wouldn’t subject my wife to the demands being a candidate, even a third-party candidate, present and I wouldn’t waste your time and mine if I didn’t believe our time is now.

We must do something. Our country will collapse, tossed aside the scrap heap of history, probably before this half-century is out, if we do not make substantive changes to the way we are governed right now.

The status quo will change nothing. You know it, I  know it and you know what? They know it, too. The time has come for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District to send a message to our state and our country that we are tired of fractured, partisan and bickering government and that we demand better.

I  will lead the charge, but Gaylon For Congress needs your help. We will not win in November without money. We can decry the influence of money in politics every hour on the hour, but it’s true. There are no two ways about it.

I  am running because I  believe our time is now. If you believe that, too, please, contribute today. Your contribution will help us tell our state and our country that Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District is demanding better. 


Click here to contribute to Gaylon For Congress.


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