There are a lot of issues associated with capital punishment. Personally, however, only one matters:

Our country has executed innocent people. The death penalty must be eliminated.

Solve that problem, and I ‘ll find some other reason to oppose it, but for now this will do.

Too many convicted murderers are being released from prison, including death row, because they didn’t commit the murders they were convicted of and personally I do not think it is reasonable to believe innocent people have not been sent to their deaths.

If you still are not convinced, please go and read the cases of Cameron Todd Willingham and James Beathard, both executed by Texas. If you do read enough on these cases to come to an informed conclusion, one, I  will hug you for being a concerned citizen, regardless of the conclusion you drew. But I  think you’ll conclude, like I did, that they were innocent of the crimes they were condemned for.

We deserve better than executing innocent people. We are not going to have better until we demand it at the ballot box, however. So let’s go demand better this Election Day. I ‘m Gaylon Kent and I ‘ll lead the charge.

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