While running for the United States Senate in 2014, a group whose name I ‘ve forgotten sent out some robocalls that mentioned my name. Since these robocalls went out in the middle of the night, it caused a modest scandal. The voice on the call said Gaylon Kent was the only peace candidate on the United States Senate ballot that year.

True enough. I was and still am the peace candidate.

Friends, we have been at war every day since we invaded Panama in 1989. That is almost thirty years of non-stop warfare. It hasn’t worked. Three decades of warfare has not produced peace and it’s not going to, either. During past campaigns I said this every hour on the hour:

We are not going to have a peaceful world without a peaceful America.

A lot of the violence in this world is because of America butting in everywhere. We have been at it for decades and the only result is a world more violent than ever, except for our two world wars.

War does not produce peace. The only dividend war provides is more war. It will always be that way, too. Since no nation has ever been able to sustain perpetual war, eventually perpetual war will mean the end of our country. America will collapse, tossed aside the scrap heap of history along with the Roman Empire and the Soviet Union, probably before this half-century is out.

We deserve better. We deserve an America and a world at peace, but we will only get it if we demand it at the ballot box this November.

I say let’s go get it. The time has come for us to tell our state and our nation that we are demanding better this Election Day.

I‘m Gaylon Kent, and I ‘ll lead the charge. Let’s go!


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