My view is that the government must butt out of the abortion debate. It must not allow it and it must not prohibit it. It must stay out of it.

It’s important to note that us humans have been terminating pregnancies for thousands of years. This does not make it right and it does not make it wrong, it merely illustrates that criminalizing it will not eliminate it. It’s the way the world is built.

Now, I had 13 years of Lutheran schooling and I am familiar with and have the highest amount of respect for the views that prohibit abortion. Not only that, I was born six months after my parents got married, so I  was hardly planned. I ‘m glad my parents had me.

But this is a debate the government must stay out of. You may not personally favor abortion yourself, or you might, I don’t really care because that is your lookout and not mine. But it is not the government’s job to make the choice for us. It is the government’s job to leave its citizens alone.

This is as contentious an issue as I’ve come across on the campaign trail, so please keep your comments civil. I look forward to hearing them.


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