From We The People by Gaylon Kent:

   Peace – or, rather, our lack of it – is the biggest issue facing our country. A violent American government is the cause of our violent world and our violent country.
   Not only is America at war right now, we have been at war every day since 1989 and the consequences have been as tragic as they have been far reaching because both here and around the world the carnage simply is not stopping. Except for our world wars, our planet may well be the most violent it’s ever been.
   I believe this is America’s fault. We have produced a planet mired in violence, hatred and destruction because of incessant US meddling. Domestically, our country has become a shooting gallery. We have an entire generation of Americans that have never known their country at peace and I’ve long felt our violent American government has caused our violent American citizens.
   As long as we insist on creating misery for other nations, other nations will continue to create misery for us. They will behead our citizens and fly airplanes into our buildings.
   We will not have a peaceful world without a peaceful America.

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