The Only Issue That Matters

Friends, there is really only one option this election: peace or war.

America has been at war most days for the past 80 years – since Pearl Harbor in 1941 – and every day since 1989. If you believe this will lead to a prosperous future go and vote for someone else. It doesn’t matter who, either, because neither a Republican nor a Democrat will change a thing.

If you believe that perpetual war will mean the end of our country, then I am the only candidate who deserves your support.


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Friends, we’re known as the Peace Candidate, and that’s not something we pulled out of thin air. Longtime supporters may recall our 2014 campaign for the US Senate when some robocalls went out declaring that I was the only peace candidate on the ballot.

In today’s video we talk about that and what it means to be a Peace Candidate: that you do not support the US fighting or taking part in any war that hasn’t been declared by Congress. That is what is mandated in the Constitution: Congress declares war, not the president, the UN, or anyone else. It doesn’t mean Congress authorizes war or passes a resolution agreeing to pay for one.

Congress has not declared war for 80 years, since World War II.

Join me on today’s edition of Trail Mix: News From the Campaign Trail.


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Perpetual War Vs Perpetual Ignorance:
We Have Never Had Worse Choices For President.

By Gaylon Kent

HERE WE GO AGAIN: This really isn’t a bulletin, but barring planetary alignment and divine intervention, it will be Joe Biden vs Donald Trump once again this November. 

Ladies And Gentlemen Of The Jury: Has the American electorate ever had worse choices than President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump? We don’t think so, 

FunFact: One, forget our following points, both men are old. Trump will be 78 on Election Day and Biden will be 81 and both are starting to lose their cognitive abilities. This alone should have caused us to dismiss them, respectfully, out of hand. 

Dry, Technical Matter: This November, we have two choices: the perpetual war offered by Joe Biden (and by Trump, too, frankly) and the perpetual stupidity offered by Trump. Let’s hope we have the wisdom to choose wisely. 

In The Blue Corner: America has been at war continuously since 1989 and almost daily since World War II 80 years ago. No nation has survived perpetual war and America will not be the first. We have until this half-century is out, maybe, to get our act together before our country collapses and America is tossed aside the scrap heal of history along with, among others, the Roman Empire and the Soviet Union. 

USA! USA!: Neither Biden nor Trump will stop this. War will continue to be America’s calling card.

And In The Red Corner: Donald Trump is stupid. He believes, among other things, that the moon is part of Mars, that the Revolution was won by the securing of British airports, and that Colorado borders Mexico. He also lies constantly and admits to grabbing women by the pussy. He has been indicted 91 times since leaving office. 

The Bottom Line: We deserve better than both these choices, but we’re not demanding better right now. America is seven decades into television, and now the internet, being the focal point of American life and we are seeing the consequences of that now: an American media and an American electorate that now embraces perpetual war and perpetual stupidity. 


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Trail Mix 29Feb

Friends, today we have some thoughts on Idaho’s attempt to execute Thomas Creech. It failed and was called off after about an hour.

We are against the death penalty because America has executed innocent people. We deserve better than this and we deserve better than not being able to carry out executions.

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Trail Mix 2/21/24

Friends, hi, Gaylon Kent again – the peace candidate and Libertarian for Congrees from Colorado’s 2nd District. 

The above picture – not too bad a one of yours truly, frankly – was taken on February 20th, when we had the privilege of attending a rally supporting Julian Assange, the Australian activist and WikiLeaks founder currently imprisoned in England and fighting extradition to the US. Our feeling is Mr Assange was merely a reporter doing his work and has no more business being prisoned than you or I do.

We also said a few words. We talked about courage, noting there was great courage and everyday courage and that both are the product of nature and circumstance. Julian Assange had great courage in him and took advantage of the opportunity to show it, to our benefit but, unfortunately, not to his. 

We told the rallyers that it took courage to show up and support him, that it takes courage to step away from the herd and decline to fit into the slots others assign us. 

So let’s continue to show some courage. Bring someone to the next rally you go to. Run for office. Vote on Election Day. Support Gaylon For Congress. Courage is like water: a drop turns into a stream, a stream turns into a river, and a river turns into a torrent. So will we if we continue to show courage every day.

Thank you for reading,

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February 16, 2024
Friends, we have a face made for radio, but click here for our first video of the campaign.


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Trail Mix 2/7/24

February 7, 2024
Friends, hi, Gaylon again, pleased to announce our candidacy for the Colorado Libertarian Party’s nomination for representative for the 2nd District. 

The reason is simple: our country needs us. America needs concerned and conscientious citizens who are unafraid of saying “no” to the status quo because the status quo is destroying our country. 

Specifically, our perpetual war; America has been at war every day for over 30 years and most days since Pearl Harbor despite the fact Congress hasn’t declared war – as required in the Constitution – since 1942. This tidbit surprises some because since World War II we’ve been at war in – among other places – Korea, Vietnam, and Afghanistan. 

We’ve been saying this since our campaign for the United States Senate in 2014: if you believe that all-out war will destroy our country, then I’ve earned your support because, as usual, I am the only peace candidate around. If you think war will lead to prosperity, then go vote for someone else and it really doesn’t matter who, either because if either major party was going to change anything, they would’ve done so by now. 

We have positions on other issues, too, of course, and we look forward to hearing from you on those, too. If you don’t find your issue addressed, get in touch and we’ll rustle one up for you. 

Friends, the choice is simple: I am not your candidate if you believe that steady as she goes is the right course for America. If, however, you believe America needs our help, then I am your candidate because you and me – we the people – will be the only change on the ballot. 

Thank you for reading,


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