February 7, 2024
Friends, hi, Gaylon again, pleased to announce our candidacy for the Colorado Libertarian Party’s nomination for representative for the 2nd District. 

The reason is simple: our country needs us. America needs concerned and conscientious citizens who are unafraid of saying “no” to the status quo because the status quo is destroying our country. 

Specifically, our perpetual war; America has been at war every day for over 30 years and most days since Pearl Harbor despite the fact Congress hasn’t declared war – as required in the Constitution – since 1942. This tidbit surprises some because since World War II we’ve been at war in – among other places – Korea, Vietnam, and Afghanistan. 

We’ve been saying this since our campaign for the United States Senate in 2014: if you believe that all-out war will destroy our country, then I’ve earned your support because, as usual, I am the only peace candidate around. If you think war will lead to prosperity, then go vote for someone else and it really doesn’t matter who, either because if either major party was going to change anything, they would’ve done so by now. 

We have positions on other issues, too, of course, and we look forward to hearing from you on those, too. If you don’t find your issue addressed, get in touch and we’ll rustle one up for you. 

Friends, the choice is simple: I am not your candidate if you believe that steady as she goes is the right course for America. If, however, you believe America needs our help, then I am your candidate because you and me – we the people – will be the only change on the ballot. 

Thank you for reading,


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