Drug Legalization
It's our business what we do behind closed doors, not the government's.
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Foregin Policy
We cannot have a peaceful world without a peaceful America
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Candidate for the 2016 Libertarian Party United States Senate nomination.  
Friends, many thanks for readingThe Liberty Handbook. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I am convinced that concerned and conscientious citizens like you and me can, working together, make America great again.

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The Freedom Train Today
The government must stay out of the abortion debate
Death Penalty
This nation has executed innocent people
Gay Marriage
A nation conceived in liberty must allow it
February 05 - With Liberty Comes Responsibility

January 22
The State of Our Union
January 18 -
Some Thoughts On Gay Marriage
January 15, 2015 -
Fabulous! Another Government Program!
January 12, 2015 -
We Cannot Have A Peaceful World Without a Peaceful America
January 8, 2015 -
We Have A Bickering, Substandard Government Because We Are Allowing It
Our Responsibilities As Citizens
We have a substandard government because we are allowing it.

Our nation has always benefited from the immigrant's work ethic.
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Let's bring doctors and health insurers back into the free market
Gun Control
We would not accept limits on our First Amendment rights. Why are we accepting them on our Second Amendment rights?
Gaylon Kent
Low Taxes and Free Markets
Our economy is still in the tank.
It is time for a flat tax.
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