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From Colorado's 3rd District
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There are, as usual, many issues to talk about this election season. 

Only one matters, however:

Are you and me - we the people - going to continue to put up with substandard government or are we going to do something about it. 

That's it. Every other issue is secondary. We can maintain the status quo, or we can do something about it.

The best indicator of future performance is past performance. Any employer knows this. If the status quo were going to give us a decent, working government they would have done so already. They aren't. A fractured, partisan and bickering mess is all they are going to give us. 

We deserve better. We deserve concerned and demanding voters that hold our leaders accountable.

Friends, the government we want is as close as Election Day, but it is only going to come if we are willing to reject the status quo offered by the Republicans and the Democrats and elect me to Congress because you and me - we the people - are the only change on this ballot.

The government we want is there for the taking, but we are only going to get if we demand it on Election Day.

The time has come for you and me - we the people - to take our government back.

I'll lead the charge.
 Let's go!

Gaylon Kent
Hayden, Colorado
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