Friends, America deserves better than it is getting from our current tax system. The goal of my tax plan is two-fold: to simplify our tax code and to stop the government from taking too much of our money.

Our current tax code is currently over nine million words long and is so confusing the IRS gives out wrong information 25 percent of the time. This is insane. We are entitled to an income tax return we can fill out on a single sheet of paper.

I have long favored a flat tax of no more than ten percent, and ideally five percent, on individual incomes. I also favor eliminating the tax on corporate profits. I didn’t always. I once thought it appropriate for companies to pay something for the opportunity to make a fortune in this country but then a business owner said all taxes were were an expense he passed on to his customers. That made sense. There is no reason to saddle us consumers with what is essentially another tax on us.

A low-tax environment for citizens and businesses would produce a flourishing economy. Us citizens would have more money to spend and businesses would have more money to meet our needs. They would have more money for innovation and expansion and for hiring more workers and paying them better salaries and wages. And everyone would be freed from the cost of complying with our current tax code, meaning over $200 billion would be pumped back into the economy every year.

We deserve better than what we have now. So let’s demand better this November. We can send a message to the rest of our state, and to the nation, that we are demanding better than what the status quo is spoon feeding us.

As always, I look forward to discussing this with you. Please, leave your comments below.


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