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Friends, my campaign can be boiled down to four things I want for our country:

1. An Empowered American Electorate
Every good thing in our country starts with participating and demanding citizens demanding good  government. We will always get the government we elect and this Election Day those of us in the 3rd District can continue to rubber stamp the status quo or we can dismiss the status quo and tell our state and nation that we demand better.

2. An America at Peace
America has been at war every day since 1989. This means we have an entire generation of Americans who have never known their country at peace. We are feeling the effects of that now. We have a violent world and violent American citizens in large measure because we have a violent American government.

The only dividend war provides is more war. We will not have a peaceful world until we have a peaceful America.

3. An American Economy Anchored In Low Taxes And Free Markets
I continue to favor a flat tax of no more than 10 percent on American incomes. And ten percent is only because America is a fiscal cesspool right now. Ideally it’s no more than 5 percent and perhaps one day we can eliminate it entirely. We work hard for our money and the government is not entitled to more than a small amount of it and there are those that say they are entitled to none of it. They have a point.

A flat tax would simplify our tax code, too. Our return could be filed on a single sheet of paper and the IRS would stop issuing incorrect information one-quarter of the time.

I  also favor eliminating the tax on corporate profits, because it is merely another cost they pass on to you and me, the consumer and we deserve better than that.

These changes would give consumers more money to spend and businesses more money for innovation and expansion, including hiring more employees at better salaries and wages. It would also return $200 billion to the American economy as the cost of complying with our tax responsibilities is virtually eliminated.

4. An America That Does Not Convict The Innocent
I’ll be honest, on the campaign trail in 2016 and 2014 I did not run into a lot of my fellow Americans getting too worked up over this issue.

We should, though, every one of us. America has released over 800 people from prison for murders they did not convict and over 150 of these have been from death row and it is not reasonable to believe America has not executed innocent people over the years. For a nation conceived in liberty, these numbers are shameful. No one in our country should be imprisoned for something we didn’t do.

Friends, I  look forward to discussing these issue with you. Please, leave your comments below.


Click here to read a preview of my book We The People: Making America America Again. Click here to read the entire book. 

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