America’s drug war is an interesting exercise in human nature. It is as if this country learned nothing from Prohibition, the period from 1920-33 when booze was illegal in America. All this did was make criminals rich and cause violence that does not exist before or after Prohibition.

This is exactly what is happening with our current fixation with ridding our country of drugs. Our country expends an awful lot of resources trying to prevent their importation, sale and use. Does it do any good? Honestly, no. These efforts do nothing from stopping anyone who wants to use drugs from doing so. Humans being human, it never will. There will always be demand and to try and stop it is folly. It’s the way the world is built.

Now, I  do not use drugs nor, frankly, do I enjoy being around those who do. Nor do I favor government regulation. We are regulated and taxed enough. Besides, potheads, stoners and their vendors already have distribution, quality control and payment systems in place. Let them be. All the government needs to do is decriminalize their manufacture, sale and use.

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