Julian Assange – Free At Last

Julian Assange, the Australian publisher who has been fighting extradition to the US for disclosing US military secrets via WikiLeaks in 2010, is a free man now. On Wednesday, he pled guilty to one count of espionage in the US District Court in Saipan, and in exchange, he was sentenced to time already served.

It’s about time. Our policy is Assange was merely a journalist doing his work and had no more business being under US indictment than Woodward and Bernstein – or any other practicing journalist – did.

We don’t even think he should have pled guilty to anything. However, any husband – or, as likely as not, ex-husband – can tell you that sometimes you have the choice to be either right or happy. The US government, perhaps suspecting that Assange would never appear in a US court, was happy to be rid of this matter, and Assange decided it was better to be free than in prison fighting extradition.

Let me know your feelings on this matter. Thank you for reading.


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