Gaylon Kent
Libertarian For Congress
From Colorado's 3rd District
I was listening to a radio program today that had representatives both Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, as well as some reporters, and the topic was the high cost of child care and how the government can help Americans pay for it.

Mr Trump, it seems, wants to offer tax credits while Ms Clinton wants to cap child care expenses at ten percent of a family's income.

Neither plan is in the spirit of a nation conceived in liberty. My own position as candidate for Congress is the government should butt out of this.

I was about to change the station when somebody started talking about "the social safety net". Oh good, gravy. I forget who mentioned this, but it had to be a Democrat, because Democrats love talking about social safety nets.

Social safety nets are something else that are not in the spirit of a government conceived in liberty. They don't do me any good because I have to pay for them. They don't do the recipients any good because all they do is become dependent on a handout. The government dole, however, has become such an ingrained part of American life that it is difficult for some to think of an America that does not issue handouts.

Friends, the very best safety net is a flourishing economy.

We don't have that right now. Some will try to tell you we do and cite some government-issued figures, but they're lying to you. Anybody who tells you the American economy is flourishing has not to pound the street looking for work the past few years.

I have. So has my wife. It's tough out there.

The strongest economies are those anchored in low taxes and free markets, and I favor a flat tax of no more than ten percent on individuals and even less than that on businesses. Earlier this year a small business owner said the cost of his taxes are merely passed on to his customers, so business taxes are merely another tax on consumers, a point that has merit.

Eventually, I'd like to see the American economy at the point where the government doesn't have to take its citizens and businesses money, but I think we are few years from getting to that point.
Low taxes benefit everybody. Us citizens benefit from having more money to spend. Businesses will have more money to meet consumer's growing needs. They will have the capital required for expansion and innovation and for paying more workers better wages. With businesses flourishing, jobs will be plentiful and Americans will have the opportunity to earn the living they want.

Regarding child care, a flourishing economy will mean Americans afford day care. With the government out of the day care racket, costs will stabilize, with day care providers free to charge whatever the free market will bear. Parents will be free to choose the provider that works best for them and with tax burdens relieved, more and more families will be able to afford to have a parent stay home all the time, a by-gone era I can barely remember.

Low taxes and free markets are the only way to guarantee a flourishing economy. Our current high tax, high regulation business environment will never produce a flourishing economy. The best it will produce is what we have now, an America where an awful lot of us are barely getting by.

Yours In Liberty,

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The Best Safety Net Is A Flourishing Economy