Gaylon Kent
Libertarian For Congress
From Colorado's 3rd District
My friend Nicholas Sarwark, who is chairman of the Libertarian National Committee, tried to attend Monday's presidential debate. Since us Libertarians are the inconvenient truth nobody wants to acknowledge, our candidate Gary Johnson was not invited and Nick, who had some media interviews scheduled, was relegated to a "free speech zone".

Free speech zones are not new. They first started appearing on college campuses in the 1960's to mitigate disruptions by war protestors and are now commonplace as this country becomes more divided and has more and more elements worth protesting.

Every America citizen should find free speech zones repulsive!

Our entire country, every inch of it, is a free speech zone. That some feel required to restrict free speech to certain predesignated, approved areas should be insulting to every single one of us and that Americans are tolerating it is another sign we are willingly adorning the shackles our leaders are - subtlety and brilliantly - providing us.

I am running for Congress because I am unwilling to accept those shackles. You should be, too.
Friends, we will always - and always means every single time - get the government we elect. We elect lousy we are going to get lousy every single time. 

The good news is the government we want is a close as the next election. It's going to take some courage because the comfort of the familiar is tough to overcome, but demanding and participating citizens like you and me will deliver the country we want, so let's go get something better on Election Day.

Nobody is going to do it for us. It's up to us. I'll lead the charge.

Let's go!

Yours In Liberty,

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This Whole Country is a Free Speech Zone