Gaylon Kent
Libertarian For Congress
From Colorado's 3rd District
I recently finished reading Hitler, a brilliant biography of the German leader by Peter Toland. It was a hell of a book.

Coincidently, Hitler's name has come up from time to time in connection with our presidential election.

Mostly it's in the form of witless Internet memes, but there is some substance to this comparison.
Hitler was - and this is an interesting insight into us humans - welcomed by Germans, including some Jews, despite the fact he was crushing liberties even before the ink was dry on his appointment as Chancellor. As the author brilliantly noted, Hitler was welcomed because he gave Germans the opportunity to believe what they wanted to believe, convincing most that the shackles he had for them were necessary for the common good.

This is similar to the opportunities the major party candidates are providing for their supporters today. Both Mr Trump and Mrs Clinton are giving their supporters every opportunity to believe what they want to believe, despite the fact both have displayed elements that show they are not particularly qualified for the presidency. Both are bravely forging ahead with their campaigns, telling their faithful what they want to hear.

This allows Trump supporters to forget that Trump University was nothing more than a boiler room operation bilking people out of their money and that profits Trump claimed would go to charity instead went into his personal bank account.

Clinton supporters are allowed to forget she is a liar who did not have the good sense not to use a personal email server while she was Secretary of State. Nor did she have the good sense to know what was and what was not classified material.

Their supporters are not letting silly things like this stop them, thereby subtly allowing themselves to accept the shackles Trump and Clinton have for us, just like the Germans accepted the shackles Hitler had for them. Those shackles include no substantive change to the way we are governed, plus more war and a mediocre economy.

Friends, we have been at war continuously since 1989 and we are $19 trillion in debt. Neither figure is consistent with a thriving nation. They are, honestly, consistent with a nation that will not survive this half-century.

Some people raise eyebrows when I say this, but do you really believe America can continue with perpetual war and mindless debt with impunity? Of course we can't. There's no way, and I would be surprised if there wasn't some small part of you that did not agree with this.

We deserve better than what the major parties are giving us this Election Day because, honestly, all they are giving us a pathway to the destruction of our country. If you are not considering Gary Johnson for President and myself for Congress, please, do so.

You and I - we the people - are the only change on this ballot, so this Election Day let's go and get the government we deserve. I'll lead the charge.

Let's go!

Yours In Liberty,

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Hitler, Trump, Clinton...And Us