Gaylon Kent
Libertarian For Congress
From Colorado's 3rd District
After writing yesterday's column I emailed Pueblo Chieftain Managing Editor Steve Henson, letting him know the same reasons he gave against Senator Michael Bennet dropping out of their October 20 candidates forum - a candidate must face his opponents in a public forum - were the same reasons I should be invited.

To his credit, Mr Henson actually favored me with a reply to my email. Oftentimes people don't answer me.  His general manager for one and, sometimes, people in my own party.

This is what he wrote.

I am sorry, but comparing your candidacy to Senator Bennet's is apples to oranges.
Voters in the Third District historically have shown little interest in third party or independent candidates, and unless that changes in an election, we will continue our practice of inviting the candidates who have voters' support.

All right. He's told himself this often enough he probably believes it. I replied:

Perhaps they are apples and oranges. However, the consumer has the opportunity to purchase both. The Produce Manager does not hide one of them.

A pretty good line, maybe too good to be deserving of a reply because as I write this I haven't heard back from him. If I were in his shoes I probably wouldn't bother, either.

Friends, the
Chieftain's only inviting the major party candidates puts all of them in league together, making them equally responsible for our partisan, fractured and bickering fiasco of a government. The Chieftain is in violation of the rights guaranteed under the First Amendment and their continued existence constitutes a fraud on its readers and advertisers. If voters in the Third District have shown little interest in third parties, perhaps it's because they're not telling anyone about them.

We deserve better. This Election Day we will, as always, get the government we elect. We elect substandard leaders we will get substandard government. Every single time. We can stick with the status quo, or we can go and get the government we want on November 8.

The choice is ours.

So vote for me, Gaylon Kent.

I'll lead the charge.
Let's go!

Yours In Liberty,

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