Gaylon Kent
Libertarian For Congress
From Colorado's 3rd District
As we get closer to Election Day, we are hearing more and more talk about this election being rigged. Most of it is blather and not coming from anyone of any particular substance, but that hasn't stopped it from gaining a modest amount of traction.

And why not? t's popular to blame a variety of factors for our lousy government: the media, incumbency and lobbyists come immediately to mind, so why not throw rigged elections in there, too?

Before we fall too far into the rigged election trap, however, let's ask ourselves a question:

Does anybody fill out our ballots for us?

No, they do not. We fill out our own ballots here in America. By chance, I voted at the county building yesterday and this morning my wife and her daughter filled out their ballots at our kitchen table. Nobody filled out our ballots for us. We are responsible for every vote we cast. If we get lousy government, we have no one to blame but ourselves because we elected everyone there.

There are no two ways about it; we can blame the media or lobbyists only so much:

We have lousy government because we've elected lousy leaders.

Our elections are rigged only by ourselves - you and me, we the people - because we continually reelect those responsible for our lousy government.

2014 illustrated this perfectly when we reelected 96 percent of incumbents to a Congress with an eleven percent approval rating. Two years later we still have substandard government. We should not be surprised.

Matters are not going to get better as long as we reelect the major parties. If either major party were going to do good things for our country they would have done so already. All sending a Republican or a Democrat back to Washington is going to do is reinforce the status quo.

Friends, the status quo is destroying us!

We've been at war continuously since 1989, our nation is a shooting gallery and we're $19 trillion in debt. If we don't do something our nation will collapse before this half-century is out. The American experiment will be done. The same we the people that founded this republic will be the one's responsible for its downfall.

The good news is if we caused this problem
we can solve it! There is nothing wrong with this country that concerned, conscientious and participating voters - you and me, we the people - cannot solve.

But you and me - we the people - must demand it on Election Day. Giving the major parties another free pass will only produce more war, more shootings and more debt.

Friends, America needs our help.

My name's Gaylon Kent.

I'll lead the charge.

Let's go!


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Don't Buy Into the Rigged Elections Idea