Gaylon Kent
Libertarian For Congress
From Colorado's 3rd District
You know, there was a time when America meant something to others.

That time, however has passed. Mired in war, deep internal social divisions and an almost incomprehensible national debt, there are very few individuals or nations that look to us for anything other than a negative example of how not to run a country. 

We don't mean anything to others anymore because we don't mean anything to ourselves anymore.

Consider this:

- 45 years after becoming still the only nation to land men on the moon, America can't even put anyone into space anymore

- Despite fighting this battle for most of our existence, we are still a racist country.

- Our nation has become a shooting gallery.

- We have the two worst major party presidential candidates ever.

We could cite a myriad of other concerns, too. The America that once inspired the world has left the building. We no longer mean anything to others because we no longer mean anything to ourselves.

Friends, I submit to you that the time has come for America to mean something to the world again.  We are not going to do it by blindly re-electing the status quo on November 8.

You and me - we the people - are only going to make America great again by demanding better than the Republicans and Democrats have given us. Every problem our nation faces can be solved by you and me - we the people - holding our leaders accountable. America is only concerned, conscientious and participating citizens away from being great again.

Friends, our country needs our help on Election Day. We can either give the status quo a free pass again or we can demand better. I'm running for Congress because I demand better. I hope you want better, too.

Friends, America needs our help.

My name's Gaylon Kent.

I'll lead the charge.

Let's go!


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America Meaning Something Again