Gaylon Kent
Libertarian For Congress
From Colorado's 3rd District
One of the things you here from time to time as a Libertarian Party nominee is how a third-party vote is wasted.

Nothing is further from the truth.

One, it is not possible for a vote for the candidate of your choice to be wasted. If your candidate isn't the odds on favorite, that's all right. It's your vote. Do with it what you want.

Really, the only wasted vote is the one you don't believe in.

We have a lot of that going around this election season. We have two lousy major party presidential candidates. Both are garnering support from people who merely want to keep the other from getting elected.

Donald Trump's personal conduct is reprehensible. He is an embarrassment as a candidate and he will be an embarrassment as president because, as any employer knows, the best indicator of future performance is past performance.

Hillary Clinton's only goal is to consolidate wealth and power in Hillary Clinton. Running for president is merely the best way for her to do that. If coaching the New York Knicks were the best way for her to do that, she'd be coaching the New York Knicks. She has never given any indication that she is in this for anyone other than herself. Her use of, and lying about, a private email server makes that plain.

Neither has earned serious consideratation for the presidency. If you are one of the many who realize this and are still considering a major party vote simply because you feel they are your only options or to keep the other candidate from winning please consider this:

You are wasting your vote because a major party vote is nothing more than a vote for the status quo. We are telling Washington everything is OK.

Everything is not OK. We have been at war continuously since 1989, our nation is a shooting gallery and we are $19 trillion in debt. Our government is a humiliating, partisan, fractured mess. We must do something.

So please consider a vote for Gary Johnson for president and myself for Congress. Johnson was two-term, Republican governor of New Mexico who, frankly, would have made splendid GOP presidential candidate. We don't grope women and we don't have private email servers.

Every day we will work hard to give us a country we can be proud of again.

So go, waste your vote on us. We'll make you glad you did.


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