Gaylon Kent
Libertarian For Congress
From Colorado's 3rd District
If not us who and if not now, when?

Us humans have been asking these questions since time immemorial and they are as relevant today as they have been throughout history.

By any measure our government is a partisan, fractured and bickering mess. If you are happy with our government you are in the minority. Approval ratings for your local meth dealer are probably higher than approval ratings for our elected leaders.

There is no reason to expect anything better this time around, either. The presidential election has turned into a sewer that is not, frankly, deserving of our time. Other campaigns are partisan fiascos, too.

We deserve better government.

If the Republicans and the Democrats were going to deliver decent government they would have done so by now. They haven't so they're not. If we want anything different we are going to have to do it ourselves.

This is the only real issue this election:

Are we going to give the status quo a free pass or are we going to make something good happen for our country?

The choice is ours. We can dawdle or we can grab the bull by the horns and do something November 8.

If not us, who? If not now, when?

It must be us and it must be now. America cannot continue on this road or perpetual war, our nation a shooting gallery and a $19 trillion debt with impunity.

The government we want is as close as Election Day, but we have to go and get it at the ballot box. No one is going to give it to us. Electing a Republican or a Democrat - and it doesn't matter which one - isn't going to get it done. You know it, I know it and you know what? They know it, too.

Electing me will show our country and the world that our district is serious about changing our government.

It starts with you and it starts with me and it starts November 8.

I'll lead the charge.
 Let's go!


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If Not Us, Who? If Not Now, When?