Gaylon Kent
Libertarian For Congress
From Colorado's 3rd District
Memo To White Males:

You could've done better than Donald Trump.

I mean, if you wanted to protest the continuing insignificance of our species by force feeding a white male down the GOP's throat, you had other options.

You didn't take any of them, though. After eight years of a black in the White House and the Democrats offering up -
yikes! - a woman as their presidential nominee, only a certain member of the tribe would suffice to carry the GOP banner. Donald Trump wasn't your only white guy option, but he was the only one with telling you what you wanted to hear defiantly enough for you to listen.

You not only listened, you mobilized and you voted. Despite the fact his candidacy was dismissed by some, you gave Trump every opportunity to capitalize on the two biggest factors in his favor: his unsurpassed ability to draw attention to himself and sufficient white males buying into a campaign that never pegged out the substance meter and remains fueled mainly by insults and hate.

It's not all your fault. There was a time when a bustling, thriving media would have had Trump out of the race within a couple of hours of his announcing last year but Trump means ratings and clicks so he was allowed to stick around because the media today is now nothing more than a PR agency. Trump is proving the old Washington adage that the only bad publicity involves a dead woman or a live boy because despite reprehensible personal conduct it is still possible for him to be elected president of the United States.

You know, I'm a white male and I understand your feelings. I don't sympathize with them, nor do I agree with them, but I understand them. For a long time being a white male was where it was at in this country. We kept blacks in bondage and women in subservience and then the next thing anybody knows slavery's gone and your wife can vote.

And while whites still make up a majority of this country we won't forever and already white males are seeing their relevance and importance decrease. It's understandable you would want to let off some steam this election.

But boy, Trump is an embarrassment to you and to me and to our once proud country. He is an embarrassment as a candidate and it reasonable to presume he would be an embarrassment as president because the best indicator of future performance is past performance.

What's funny is if the GOP had nominated Gary Johnson for president and not those zany Libertarians you would probably be watching the former New Mexico governor put the finishing touches on his inaugural address because I feel he would have named the score against Ms Clinton and you would have had your white male in the White House, this one a grown-up with experience running a government.

But you didn't want that and I am not the only one who feels the GOP might collapse regardless of whether you win or lose in November. 

So perhaps we should thank you. The party of Lincoln is now the party of Trump. Good riddance. 


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A Memo To White Males