Gaylon Kent
Libertarian For Congress
From Colorado's 3rd District
I've said this before: the major parties have never mustered two worse candidates for president.

Collectively, we should all be humiliated. The 2016 presidential campaign more resembles a sewer than anything else. It's like having to pick your furniture from a trash dump or which strain of the clap you prefer to endure. 

It would be nice to think this cesspool will end on Election Day, but it's not. It's likely - though not yet definite - one of these two will be elected president so the nightmare won't end, it will only continue. 

One more time:

America's major parties have never - and never means not once - mustered two worse candidates for president.

Long ago both major candidates established neither was deserving of the White House.

Donald Trump, pretty much every hour on the hour, says something that is inaccurate, insulting or, as likely as not, both. Trump University was nothing more than a boiler room operation bilking people out of their money. Profits Trump said would go to charity instead went to his personal bank account. He is neither qualified for, nor deserving of, the presidency.

Hillary Clinton has never given the impression she cares about anything other than consolidating wealth and power. Her use of a private email server while secretary of state - and her lying about it - shows she does not have the good judgment required to be president.

It is possible Gary Johnson will earn enough electoral votes to force the House of Representatives to elect the next president. Perhaps, in the interregnum between Election Day and January 6, when the House votes, America will demand better.

We see two presidential nominees but really we should be seeing ourselves. Trump and Clinton are merely giving us what we are tolerating. We aren't demanding substance, so why should they deliver substance?

Friends, we are not going to get the government we deserve until we start demanding it at the ballot

The choice is ours. We can give the status quo a free pass or we can hold our leaders accountable for what they've done to our country. It starts with you and it starts with me and it starts November 8.

I'll lead the charge.
Let's go!

Yours In Liberty,

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The Two Worst Major Party Candidates Ever