Gaylon Kent
Libertarian For Congress
From Colorado's 3rd District
As it usually does during election season the subject of term limits for members of Congress has come up. GOP nominee Donald Trump has recently started mentioning that he favors them and Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson has favored them for a long time.

I do not.

Term limits is merely asking the government to solve our problem for us. Since the problem is our government, this is akin to asking a loan shark to solve your personal debt problem.

Term limits have no practical value. All they do is allow the party in control of a jurisdiction to trot somebody different out. It's like exchanging one strain of the clap for another. It also prevents voters from keep a good leader in office.

The very best form of term limits are concerned, conscientious and participating voters holding their leaders accountable every election. We don't have that right now. If we did, 96 percent of incumbents would not have been elected to a Congress with an eleven percent approval rating in 2014.

If we have entrenched leaders who keep getting reelected despite providing no value for us, we have only ourselves to blame because we keep electing them. It's all our fault. We can't ask a term limits law to do for us what we are unwilling to do for ourselves.

So I am against term limits. You and me - we the people - holding our leaders accountable is the very best form of term limits.

America needs our help. It needs concerned citizens demanding something different on Election Day.

My name is Gaylon Kent.

I'll lead the charge.
Let's go!


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Some Thoughts on Term Limits