Gaylon Kent
Libertarian For Congress
From Colorado's 3rd District
Sometimes in life someone you disagree with makes your point for you.

Consider Pueblo
Chieftain Managing Editor Steve Henson. The Chieftain is holding a candidate's forum on October 20. Neither myself nor the Libertarian nominee for the United States Senate, Lily Tang Williams, has been invited. There is no reason we shouldn't be. We are on the same ballot as the others, we should be on the same stage. This is a difficult point to argue with.

Mr Henson made my point for me when discussing US Senator Michael Bennet's withdrawal from the forum. Henson was very upset at this, writing in a column:

One of the most important things a candidate for elected office can do during the campaign is face his or her opponent in public forums/debates. It allows voters to directly compare the positions of the candidates on important issues, and to also see how the candidates operate under fairly significant pressure.

My point exactly. It's why I should be included in the
Chieftain's forum.

Plainly, however, Mr Henson is kidding when he says it's important for a candidate to face their opponents. What he really means is he wants the candidates he feels are important to meet their opponents. There are two reasons for this: one, he thinks I'll make a fool of myself or, two, he is afraid of what I have to say.

I'm not worried about the first reason. I am thoughtful, well-spoken man. I do well in forums like this.

The second reason might have some merit. I am the only peace candidate on the ballot and I want an economy anchored in low taxes and free markets and an America that does not convict the innocent. Maybe these positions worry him.

Whatever the reasons, we are the worse for this.

By not inviting me the
Chieftain remains committed to being part of the cacophony committed to maintaining the status quo.

By not inviting me the Pueblo
Chieftainis, by extension, not inviting you. You are entitled to hear from every candidate on the ballot, not just who Mr Henson wants you to hear from. Leaving me out is petty and our acceptance of it is tyranny's invitation to make itself comfortable on our front porch.

So please, contact Mr. Henson and let him know you would like to see me in their candidates forum.

Yours In Liberty,

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Steve Henson,
Managing Editor, Pueblo Chieftain
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Sometimes Your Point Is Made For You