Gaylon Kent
Libertarian For Congress
From Colorado's 3rd District
Gaylon Kent is the 2016 Libertarian nominee for Congress from Colorado's 3rd  District.  In 2014  he was the Libertarian nominee for the United State Senate, getting 52,864 votes, the most ever by a third party candidate in a Colorado US Senate election.

A funny guy, Gaylon is the author of
The Liberty Handbook, The Diary of a Nobody, The Regular Guys and Backstairs at the Monte Carlo: A Vegas Memoir. He also writes the column The Bottom Ten.

Gaylon enjoys weightlifting and reading and though mostly retired now, was an accomplished high school sports official.  An old diesel submarine sailor, Gaylon still serves in the American Legion and is commander of Post 44 in Steamboat Springs as well as District 14. In past lives he has been a radio announcer and a newpaper reporter.

He and his wife Marian live in Hayden, about 20 miles west of Steamboat Springs. A writer, Gaylon also supervises the front desk at a timeshare in Steamboat Springs and Marian works at Walmart.

He is originally from Los Angeles. 
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